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Soccer injuries are mostly related to the immense strain of running around for 90 minutes. In soccer you only get to substitute players three times (one player at a time), which means that at least eight players will be on field for the full duration of the game. This is why lesions in soccer are mostly in leg ligaments etc.

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Serie A Clubs Injuries until now in the league and Europe. Sorry for the bottom of the screen. Sadly I could not find this graphic anywhere else. -Player Injured -Matches missed -Average per player.

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Any team can get unlucky with injuries compounding like this. Even Liverpool couldn't deal with several injuries at CB last season. They had to play kids there and do weird loan deals in January. West Ham aren't even in that bad of a spot

ELI5: why do soccer players fake injuries so frequently AND ...

This happens in all sports, it looks worse in soccer. Soccer is unique because the clock doesn't stop and you can't freely substitute. A football, basketball, or hockey player faking an injury can go to the bench and get "treatment" before coming back a minute later. In baseball, the game will stop while they make a big show of walking if off.

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The injury consisted of a tear to the hip flexor muscles. Hip flexors are responsible for bringing your knee towards your chest and to bend at the waist. There are many hip flexors positioned in the lower limbs and posterior chain of the body these include but are not limited to the iliacus and psoas major muscles, also known as your iliopsoas ...

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This subreddit is for those who have problem or injuries with their knees. This can be a place to discuss treatment, offer advice or just to generally ask questions. Knee injuries are common in anyone who participates in any sport these days. Moderator list hidden.

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