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There is no trick to winning the lottery in BitLife, sadly. Just like in real life it relies on a healthy dose of luck to get the big bucks for free. However, you can make life easier for yourself in a number of different ways. Here’s how the lottery works in BitLife: visit the ‘Misc’ section of the menu to find the option to buy a lottery ticket.

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If you get that alert, head into the game and buy a few lottery tickets. One of those should be a winner, it is pretty much a 100% chance to win. To do this, you will need to enable BitLife to send you notifications in the settings of your phone.

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If you acquire the lucky dice heirloom, you can also boost your chances of winning the lottery. Every day, you have a chance to win an heirloom, so if you come across the lucky dice, it’s time to buy tickets. You must choose the dice from your Assets section and play with them. After you’ve finished playing with your dice, go out and buy a lottery ticket, and you should be able to win the Bitlife lottery jackpot.

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On average, according to most players, their chances of winning the lottery if they dutifully buy ten tickets a year are around one lottery win out of every three or four characters. Even though you can make multiple purchases per year, this is still fairly true.

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2. Random Chance. Another way to win the lottery in BitLife is by random chance. It will never be guaranteed, but it does give you a high chance of winning! Every time your age up, there might be some text on the background under your current year that says, "A fortune cookie told me to play the lottery".

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One way to easily accumulate funds is by winning the BitLife Lottery. What is perplexing is how exactly you can strike it lucky and win. Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s ...

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You can buy as many as you want in a year, but you only actually have a chance of winning on the first batch of tickets you purchase each year. The maximum number you can purchase in one go is 10, and each of those have an equal chance of winning if they’re part of the first batch you purchase in a given year.

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May 19, 2020. April 11, 2020. Winning the lottery in Bitlife will give you a huge injection of cash. The jackpot can reach very high numbers, it’s not uncommon to win tens of millions. However, just like in real life, winning the lottery can be quite a challenge (luckily it’s a little easier in Bitlife than in real life).


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